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Welcome to the official site of young Australian driver James Burge.

"I have always loved racing, pushing my self to the limit. Best of all, achieving what others said was impossible.
Overcoming and achieving great results in the face of challenges is what it's all about.
Being able to push ahead when others say give up.
Committment to a team with a common goal. Working your guts out to make it happen.
Being a racer to the end.

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I always want to win, but at the end of the day you can only do the best with what you're given. If I walk away at the end knowing the team and I have given it our ALL, then that's all I can do.
100% committed to the best result achievable within the constraints of budget, health and resources is what its all about. Don't let any of these guys with plenty of money tell you otherwise.
Join me on my journey and be part of a team determined to succeed. "
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