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Is your business perceived to be Boring ?
Does the industry you work in lack excitement ?
Racing Sponsorship is unlike all other advertising and needs to be looked at from a slightly different angle to what you may be used to.
It's not just the exposure on the track that adds value to your business, but rather linking your existing exposure within the market to an interesting and exciting element of race car racing that your competitors don't have.
It's the signed poster of you, and the car in your foyer, or the exposure in the local paper linking you with racing that triggers clients interest. Not the same old boring adds you have been running for who knows how long.
Racing Sponsorship is your opportunity to add a level of difference to your business that you may not have considered before. It makes your business appear interesting to your existing customers PLUS gives you massive REAL online links that will boost your google ranking dramatically.

Do you currently pay advertisers or marketers to boost your online presence of google ranking ? Become part of the team and be linked to something that people will actually like and look at and give you real links within the online world.

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