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Race Car Setup

We don't have the time, money or the engineering knowledge to spend days testing thousands of different setup configurations. So we get the Race Car Technology guys to run all the calculation for us to give us an excellent base setup before we even hit the track.
We have used their services a number of times now, on two different cars and the more we work with them the more were convinced its the only way to go.

Their system may seem a little unconventional, but it WORKS and they definately fit into our No Show, All Go mind set.


If your a small team trying to compete against these MEGA teams, then you must give them a try.

Most people improve their lap times by 1-2 seconds.
Our times in the Legend improved by over 2 seconds and more still to come. The car feels balanced/neutral with only small adjustments needed to dial in your preference of slight oversteer or understeer.

These guys are the real deal.